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5 Ways Medical Marijuana Helps You De-stress Before Bed

Smiling woman de-stress before bedtime by using cannabis

Marijuana has long been used as a sleep aid for people dealing with stress or sleep disorders. Even those who use marijuana for medical reasons such as pain relief also claim it improves their sleep. It is believed that consumption of cannabis shortens the time it takes to fall asleep and extends the time taken in a deep sleep. 

So, whether you are having difficulty finding sleep after a stressful day or experiencing a sleep disorder, marijuana could be a choice for you. This post explains how to use medical marijuana products to de-stress before bed. 


Taking a Small Edible with a Higher CBD Dosage

Medicinal edibles are a great alternative to conventional cannabis consumption. They come in the form of fruit-flavored gummies, chocolate, biscuits, and more. CBD edibles are well known for their relaxing and calming properties and their ability to put anxiety under control before sleep. A study of 72 adults with sleep trouble and anxiety revealed that CBD doses ranging from 25 mg to 75 mg improved sleep in 66.7% of participants. 

If you are stressed or fighting a sleep disorder, you could consider taking a small edible with a higher CBD dosage one to two hours before bed. Fuimaono-Poe suggests starting with 25 mg and gradually increasing your dosage over time. CBD edibles have the benefit of a faster onset on the system over creams and lotion. You will start feeling the effects within one hour of consumption. The effect of edibles last longer, increasing the length of deep sleep.

Smoking an Indica While Reading a Book

Indica is among the most common marijuana strains, known for calming and producing sleepiness feeling. People prefer Indica due to its higher CBD and THC content. Smoking indica allows its content to go directly to the bloodstream, so you feel the effects faster than the other methods. 

Additionally, reading a book before bed reduces stress and helps you fall asleep faster. So, coupling indica smoking and reading an interesting book before bed could increase the quality of your sleep. Using vape pens is the most common form of smoking indica. 

Applying a CBD Lotion While Listening to Relaxing Music

Gently applying and massaging your body with a CBD lotion induces sleep by relaxing the muscles and producing a calming and relaxing feeling. CBD topical products like lotions and creams take longer to kick in than smoking. So, you should apply them at least one hour before bed. To take effect to the next level, try it out with relaxing music 

Soft music promotes sleep by calming parts of the nervous system. A study of adults who listened to music relaxing music 45 minutes before bed revealed that from the very first night, they experienced improved quality. Therefore, a good CBD lotion massage with calming music equals a long deep sleep.

Add a Few Drops of Cannabis Tincture to your Tea

Cannabis tinctures are great in offering therapeutic effects such as reducing anxiety and stress. They are a quick method of marijuana consumption known to kick in faster than edibles. If you love having your tea before bed, you could add a few drops of cannabis tincture.

You can also put the drops directly under your tongue for faster absorption. The effects will kick in between 15 to 30 minutes after consumption. 

Inhale a Cannabis Cartridge when Cuddling with your Pet

There is no doubt that vape cartridges are among the fastest-growing cannabis consumption options among users. If you are unfamiliar with vape cartridges, there are pre-prefilled units containing extracted cannabis oil for vaporization.

Inhaling the vapor provides a relaxing effect while reducing stress and anxiety. You could get comfy with a cuddly pet and share some warmth while inhaling your cartridge. The affection of cuddling helps to reduce stress and ease your mind to a more relaxed state. 

Which Marijuana Product is Best for a Good Night Rest?

The choice of the best marijuana product varies based on people's preferences. Due to the indica's quick relaxing effects, people view it as the best strain for sleep. Others prefer sativa to avoid nightmares. Hybrid strains with sativa and indica mix may have different effects based on the cannabinoids and other ingredients.

That said, many prefer smoking as it takes effect faster than the other methods. But if you get irritated by smoke, you can try other options like tinctures, edibles, or concentrates. All are effective depending on how you take them and where you get them. 

Another question comes on how much marijuana is safe to use for sleep. Well, this also varies with individuals, and it might take some experimentation to find the right dosage for you. If vaping or smoking, you will want to start with a few puffs and increase over time. 

The same applies to edibles and tinctures. Start with small amounts and take note of how you feel. Avoid overdoing, as it could lead to grogginess the next morning. Re-dosing in the middle of the night is okay, but not within four hours of when you need to be awake. 

How Medical Marijuana Helps People De-stress

Stress and anxiety can negatively impact the quality of life, and cannabis consumption is among many mechanisms of coping with them. Recently, there has been a rising interest in medical marijuana products following the claims that they combat stress and sleep disorders. Research on the effectiveness of inhaling cannabis found that it is more likely to reduce anxiety and stress than cause them. 

A question comes on how marijuana helps people de-stress. It is believed that the stress-releasing properties in marijuana are due to the interaction of cannabinoids in the brain. Once they bind with the receptors, they deliver a message to reduce stress and raise the sleep-inducing adenosine level. This suppresses the arousal system in the brain, leading to lengthy and stress-free deep sleep. 

Additionally, marijuana has different active compounds like cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). THC is known for its sedative properties and can induce sleep even when taken in small doses. CBD promotes sleep when taken in higher doses and alertness in small doses. In other words, the effect of CBD depends on timing and dosage. So, if you seek to reduce stress and promote sleep with CBD products, take a higher dosage before bed. 

Health professionals do not recommend using marijuana for sleep and stress relief on a long-term basis, as it would negatively impact the sleep cycles or cause dependency. Besides, prolonged usage may lead to high tolerance to its sedative effects. In case this happens, you may require a high amount to achieve the same results. Further, if you have any underlying health conditions, be sure to consult your health expert before consuming medical marijuana for sleep or de-stressing.

Where to Find the Best Medical Marijuana Products for De-Stress

When purchasing marijuana products for de-stress, you need to get them from a reputable company to avoid compromising your health. Kush Gardens is a well-known brand with a decent range of thoughtfully curated medical marijuana products. 

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