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Tinctures vs. Concentrates: Is There a Difference?

Marijuana tinctures or concentrates concept; CBD bottle with surrounding marijuana leaves

Cannabis products come in a variety of shapes and forms. If you are interested in trying one, you might not know where to start. A common type you will find on shelves is a tincture. Some people go with cannabis concentrates instead.

Both kinds of products have high CBD. As a result, you might wonder what the difference is between tinctures and concentrates. Both categories have distinct characteristics to set them apart.

What Is a Tincture?

A tincture is a common way people consume cannabis products, especially if someone tries marijuana-related goods for the first time. Almost 50% of people who buy CBD products prefer them in the form of a tincture. Still, some new consumers might not know what the liquid is.

Tinctures are the extract of a cannabis plant that is highly potent. A person uses a combination of water and alcohol to extract the necessary compounds. The reason alcohol gets used in making tinctures is the substance allows your body to absorb the product easily.

Some people use tinctures and oils interchangeably. However, the substance is more potent and contains CBD in a very pure form. Usually, you would find only a minimal amount of THC.

What Is a Concentrate?

Alternatively, you could go with a concentrate instead. A concentrate of a cannabis plant also is an extract of pure CBD. The process involves removing compounds from a hemp flower to create oil. A person might use carbon dioxide or alcohol.

You can get a high percentage of terpenes and other desirable compounds, and you do not need to deal with unwanted plant materials. Concentrates can come in various forms or shapes, but they can still seem similar to tincture extracts.

The Difference Between Tinctures and Concentrates

Tincture Benefits

Tinctures usually appear as a liquid, and the contents are in a small bottle with a dropper. However, concentrates can have different textures, like solids. You might find crumbled pieces of cannabis concentrate. The two types of products have other characteristics that set them apart.

When choosing what product to buy, you want something that will benefit you. Tinctures come with multiple reasons to consume them:

  • Possible pain relief. Your body has something known as the endocannabinoid system, and it regulates sleep, appetite, and pain sensation. CBD can affect endocannabinoid receptors. Research has shown that marijuana products like tinctures help lessen pain.
  • Quick absorption. The body absorbs tinctures quickly, especially by placing the drops under the tongue. Generally, you only have to wait for about a minute. The effects of a tincture do not need long to take effect as well.
  • Variety of flavors. Not everyone likes an earthy taste in their tinctures. Many companies add in flavors to make products more desirable. As a result, you can find some that taste like fruit, mint, or even candy.
  • Cost-effective. Sellers generally base the price on the number of milligrams in a bottle. You could pay four cents per milligram or 12. Broad-spectrum tinctures tend to be the cheapest type.

The pros make a marijuana tincture a viable option.

Concentrate Benefits

Of course, concentrates also have benefits of their own. It is helpful to consider them when looking for something to buy. A few of the pros are:

  • Contains terpenes. Since concentrates contain terpenes, you can enjoy a distinct aroma and taste. Additionally, the natural compounds likely can cause the entourage effect. The effect may increase CBD benefits like pain relief.
  • Potentially anti-anxiety. Some people have noticed that they feel calmer when using CBD products like concentrates. Evidence suggests that the compound interacts with receptors in the brain to regulate anxiety.
  • Purity. Some products have up to 99% of CBD. The purity of ingredients makes people prefer concentrates to other cannabis products. You do not need to worry about any residual amounts of THC or other unwanted chemicals.
  • Easy to find. While concentrates are not as popular, you can still locate one easily. You can buy wax or crumble at a store or through online shopping. You can get what you need with convenience.

There are many reasons to buy a concentrate.

The Cons of Each

Tinctures and concentrates also have cons. For example, tinctures can cause changes in a person's appetite. You might experience an increase in hunger due to a calm digestive tract. Some people report feeling drowsy, and you might run into low-quality products. Additionally, a tincture can negatively interact with certain medications.

Likewise, concentrates can cause unwanted changes in appetite and fatigue. A few people might experience oversleeping because of the drowsiness effect. Another con is the strong dosage of a product. While several people get concentrates due to their potency, others could be sensitive to CBD.

Not everyone experiences all the uncomfortable side effects. It is necessary to know when and how to consume tinctures and concentrates to avoid issues.

Young woman taking CBD oil under tongueHow to Use Tinctures

Before opening, shake the bottle to ensure everything gets mixed well. The next step is to grab the dropper and get the dosage you want to take. If you are new to tinctures, it is best to start with a small amount per day. Then, squeeze the dropper beneath the tongue.

Hold the liquid for about a minute before swallowing, so your blood vessels can absorb it. If you only swallow a tincture, you have to wait longer for the desired effects.

How to Use Concentrates

There are different ways you can consume concentrates. Vaporizing is a common choice for products like wax concentrate. You would place the substance in the bowl of a bong. After lighting it, you inhale the vapor. Other people take concentrates orally. For example, you can take some crumble and turn it into butter.

Remember, concentrates typically are highly potent. When beginners consume one, they need to select a product with a lower potency. They should also use a small amount daily and gradually increase their intake.

When Is the Best Time to Use Tinctures and Concentrates?

The best time to take a tincture depends on the body. Several people experience a boost in energy when they consume CBD. As a result, they should use a tincture in the morning. An individual might prefer to take some drops with their coffee to combat the anxiety-causing caffeine.

However, you might find yourself feeling sleepy after consuming a tincture. As a result, the best time would be at night. Some people take tinctures about an hour before bed to help the brain get ready to sleep.

Concentrates also have different times in which a person should consume the product. Many people prefer the mornings to feel alert for the day. However, a few find the nighttime to be the most effective period.

How Long Do the Effects Last?

Once you take a tincture correctly, you should feel the effects within roughly 15 minutes. They generally last anywhere from six to eight hours. Even a small amount can linger for a while. You should keep the duration in mind when you plan to take a tincture.

The duration of a concentrate's effects varies based on the method of consumption. Vaporizing can last you two to three hours. However, swallowing concentrates may have CBD remain in your system for about seven hours.

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